Five Ways to Travel More Often While Working Full-Time

I quit my full-time job to travel for six months, but there are other ways to see the world and fulfill your travel itch while maintaining a full-time job. Check out these great tips from Stephanie Uniacke of !

You want to travel, but you work a full-time job. People ask me about how I travel so much and visit new places. In reality, I am your average person. I work a full-time job, in fact I have two jobs. However, I am able to prioritize travel in my life more than other things. While I am sure I could be going to local music festivals, dining in the nicest restaurants or saving for conventional things that mid-twenty year olds save for, I choose to make travel my priority outside of work. If you’re interested in learning how you can travel often while working a full-time job just like me, then check out some of these important tips.

1. Plan Weekend Trips. An affordable and quick getaway is great for planning a weekend escape. Drive somewhere on a Friday evening and have a nice weekend planned. It’s a nice change of pace and a great way to see someplace new. Day trips are also an option if you are limited on time. I have even gone to New York City from San Francisco over just a weekend. I was in NYC for two days and managed to experience new places that I had never gone before.

2. Take Advantage of Holidays. In the United States we are more limited on holiday time off than other countries. While traveling during the holidays is more expensive, it is a great opportunity to gain an extra day or two. My boss always travels on Thanksgiving or after work the evening before Thanksgiving, which is smart because he does not have to use PTO (paid time off) for that day of travel. While generally I do not travel during the holidays, I have started to explore shorter and more affordable ways of traveling like train trips or a staycation.

3. Staycation. Speaking of staycations… get out and explore the area you live in! I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area my entire life, and I have only been to Alcatraz once! Take the opportunity to experience something new near where you live, like a gondola ride on a lake or visiting a historic part of your town you may have never been to before. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the place you live. It can even come in handy when others visit so you can show them a good time and what’s so great about the city you live in.

4. Save your time off for trips instead of appointments. This can be challenging, sometimes you just have to make a dentist appointment during work hours or you are sick and need take a day off. I schedule all my appointments before or after work so I do not have to use them up before my next trip. If you are lucky and your employer is flexible, they won’t dock you for coming in late after an appointment.

5. Work more, get more time off. If your employer is flexible, ask to trade off a day of working extra on the weekend for a day off in the future at your choosing. I have used this opportunity to save up days to combine with upcoming trips or for a day off in the middle of the week for a daytrip. You can also negotiate more vacation days during the hire process or at your performance review.

Find an employer that has a work-life balance that you are comfortable with. This is really the key to how you can travel often while working full-time. When you do take that big vacation, don’t forget to keep it interesting and check out a new place!

How do you balance work and travel?


Steph-Ming-Tombs Author bio: Stephanie Uniacke blogs over at Just Cherished, proving you can still have travel adventures with a 9-5 lifestyle. She is also the co-chapter leader of San Francisco Travel Massive. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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