Ten Ways to Know You’ve Found Your Travel BFF

While Traveling, you meet tons of incredible and interesting people. Some are just quick conversations, others just party buddies, and some cross your path that you know will be a lifelong friend. Here are a few ways to know you’ve found your travel BFF:

1. You meet and have an instant connection – You can talk for hours, feel the same way about places you’ve both visited, both have the same taste in people, and you both assume you’re going to lunch, dinner, and drinks, even a day trip together without the question even coming up, it just happens.

2. You always want to do the same things – Whether it’s nursing your hangover by the pool while catching some rays, or sightseeing by day then dancing your heart out by night – you’re always on the same page and never part separate ways because you’re always interested in what the other wants to do. You make plans together and make sure your travel paths are aligned so that you can adventure together as long as possible. You didn’t even really ask the other person if they want to travel together because you get along so well that “Where should WE go next” and “What do you think about staying at this hostel after…” are just natural words that come out of your mouth, and it never feels awkward.

3. You’re on the same party schedule – There isn’t a night that one goes out without the other. If one is in the mood, so is the other. If not, you barely have to work hard to persuade your BFF to go out because you they know they will have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) if you go out without them. They will eventually give in. It always ends up being a wild night and you wake up laughing and reminiscing about the people you met and the silly things you saw… and did.

4. They remind you of your BFFs from back home – It’s always comforting to find someone who gets you when you’re away, as there are moments when you truly miss your friends from home. You share stories of your family, your long-time friends, past relationships, and the conversation always goes deeper than hearing the same old: “Where are you from?”, “Where have you been so far?”, “Where are you going next?”, “What do you do?”, blah, blah , blah. You may be from opposite sides of the world, but your travel BFF is someone you can 100% be yourself around and there are never any judgements. They love you inside and out and always make you feel good about your choices and especially yourself – just like your girls from back home.

5. They get along with your significant other or travel flings – Weather you have a boyfriend that you’re traveling with or some one-week travel fling, your travel BFF gets along with them and always supports your relationship. People may find it odd that the three of you are so close and they may not be able to tell who is dating who at times, which in turn causes you to have some fun messing with others. But all in all, the three of you can hang out together or with a group of friends, and it’s always a good time.

6. You have theme songs and inside jokes for your trip – By the end of your time together, you have signature dance moves, countless inside jokes that probably aren’t very funny to others. You start picking up each other’s slang from your BFF’s respective country and laugh it out when they start using your own native slang subconsciously. When one starts singing a song, the other automatically jumps in and sings along. Eventually, this becomes a daily occurrence.

7. Others you meet may find your relationship/closeness strange – The two of you can give each other a look or say just one word and it can become a laugh fest. You secretly feel bad for others before you move into that six-bed dorm. You make weird noises that may annoy your dorm mates and occasionally jump in the others bunk in the morning for a quick cuddle sesh. People may not get your jokes or humor together, but it really doesn’t matter because you know they secretly wish they had a travel BFF like yours.

8. Even if it’s a shit travel day, you both make the most out of it – Maybe you took the wrong bus that takes you in the middle of nowhere, or you get ripped off on a day trip to the beach, or you feel moody for no apparent reason – Regardless, your travel BFF can turn your mood around in a second and through each crappy occurrence, you always make the most out of it and poke fun at the situation. You walk away with five new inside jokes and realize that without this person, the day could have been a lot worse.

9. They make you realize things about yourself and help you grow as a person – Traveling with someone else who you get along with so well can help put certain things into perspective. You both come from different countries and can share experiences that help shed light on who you are as well as who they are. They will call you out on your bullshit but will also make you aware of your best qualities. Some of your better sides come out when your together and they make you realize that discovering these type of friendships is what traveling is all about.

10. You are absolutely devastated when it’s finally time for you to part ways – Either you have an already planned route, a pre purchased ticket elsewhere, or one of the two BBF’s travels are coming to an end – regardless, you start to feel some serious separation anxiety once you can see the end point in the near future. Directly after they leave, you’ve sent about 100 messages Facebook back and forth, have already hopped on FaceTime with them that day, and have possibly shed a tear or two. At the end of the day, you know you’ve gained a lifelong friend and there is no way you won’t see that person again. You’re already making plans around your next trip together and even though you’re upset initially, you’re eternally grateful that you shared that cab together, stayed at the same hostel, or decided to strike up a conversation with that stranger.

Amelia Willis, my little English love muffin, this one is dedicated to you! – “To all my bitches that be givin’ it up, uhh. My loveeeee for you”

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