¡Viva Colombia!

I never imagined myself travelling to Colombia. Not for any reason in particular, but the thought never really crossed my mind. Maybe the logic being that there is a certain stigma people associate with this beautiful Country. My Mom didn’t seem the least bit enthused when I told her I would be spending about a […]

The Secret Garden

After a great week in Banõs, we spent two nights in Quito at The Secret Garden hostel. I heard mixed reviews about Quito with many people telling me that it wasn’t worth the trip, and I’m glad I didn’t listen. I thought Quito was incredibly beautiful and the old town district we were in was […]

Adventures in Banõs

Banõs is an adventure enthusiasts paradise. Other travellers have only raved about this place so I was especially looking forward to seeing this idyllically set town ever since we were back in Peru. Even though Banõs is quite touristy, it’s hard not to fall in love with it for it’s lush green mountains that surround the […]

The City of Cuenca

I immediately felt that we were no longer at sea level and at higher elevation (8,370ft/2,550m). Nevertheless, I was excited to explore the beautiful city of Cuenca since I’d only great things from other travelers before we arrived. The city is very Euro feeling with cafés and art galleries lining the small cobblestone streets. We […]