Bienvenidos a Ecuador!

There was a sigh of relief as soon as we left Loki Del Mar hostel, and I was especially looking forward to some new adventures as we made our way up north through Ecuador! Also cool that Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar so I can take a break from converting Soles in my head every […]

Loki Loki Loki

We headed out of Huanchaco on a 1 a.m. Cruz del Sur bus to Máncora, Peru and arrived at our hostel in the morning after an eight(ish) hour ride. I came across Loki Del Mar hostel online a few weeks before my departure since I knew that we would most likely make it to this […]


After a long 14.5 hour bus ride, we finally arrived in beautiful Huanchaco – a small beach town near Trujillo. We stayed for six peaceful and relaxing nights. I absolutely fell in love with the place, and here’s why: Hostel Casa Amelia – In no way shape or form does this place feel like an […]

Peace Out ‘Merica – Hola Lima, Peru!

It was surreal when the time finally came to travel to South America for this incredible journey that I had been thinking about, talking about, and planning for some time. I was beyond ready though, especially since John (my boyfriend of three years) had been there for nearly three weeks already. It made me feel […]