Five Ways to Travel More Often While Working Full-Time

I quit my full-time job to travel for six months, but there are other ways to see the world and fulfill your travel itch while maintaining a full-time job. Check out these great tips from Stephanie Uniacke of ! You want to travel, but you work a full-time job. People ask me about how I travel […]

Wine Time in Mendoza

When I thought of traveling to Argentina, I was most looking forward to Mendoza. Mendoza=Wine. And really, really good wine. I couldn’t wait to get off that 18 hour bus from Salta and start hitting the wineries. If you’re from California, my biggest advice would to not go Mendoza imagining the picturesque scenery of the […]

One Last Country! First Stop – Salta

After what felt like the longest bus journey of my life followed by a truly poor attempt from someone at the border of Bolivia/Argentina who tired to rob me (yeah, he didn’t get away with it), we finally made it to Salta, Argentina for the first stop in this awesome country. I didn’t completely know […]

Volunteering and Spanish Lessons in Sucre

I had a few goals set out before I left for South America, two of the most important being volunteering and taking Spanish lessons. If there is one place to do it, it’s in Sucre, Boliva. There are endless opportunities for both volunteering and language classes in Sucre. At just about every other block, you […]

How to See the Salt Flats in Bolivia for CHEAP!

Big surprise – there was yet another strike in South America, blocking a road and preventing people from where they want to go. Luckily for us the strike blocking Uyuni and stopping people and/or causing delays from getting in or out of the Salt Flats didn’t affect us. John and I along with Alison and […]

Loki Reunion in La Paz

Ok, so I thought I’d escaped the Loki lifestyle, but for some reason it always brings me back. I swore to myself after I left Cusco that I wouldn’t book at Loki in La Paz, but I just couldn’t help myself and I’m glad that was the case. I loved the Loki set up and […]

☮ at Lake Titicaca

After a month in Cusco and working at Loki Hostel, Lake Titicaca is just what I needed. This breathtaking lake, which is set at over 3,800 meters (12,000 feet), is nestled in the Andes and split by Peru and Bolivia’s border, is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places I’ve ever been. We spent […]

Where to Sleep, Eat, and Drink in Cusco, Peru

Spend one month anywhere while traveling, and you will easily get to know the local restaurants, bars, and quickly start frequenting many of them. This was the case for me in Cusco. A huge part of why I fell in love with this city was the delicious food, beautiful culture, great places to stay, and […]